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Choose DDA because of the quality of the physical plant, the creative structure that gives efficient cost of occupancy, and the hands on approach of property management that makes sure all tenant concerns are addressed. The DDA promise is to provide the most cost effective approach to occupancy costs, while delivering the value a tenant or partner demands.

Just like you, we’re in it for the long term because we are also owner, investor and developer. By not being a public company, we are able to offer tremendous amounts of flexibility to everyone who builds with us. Last but not least, we believe in building businesses as if we’re building a home for all that work there.

Good reputations and good images aren’t cheap—otherwise everyone would have them.
- Eugene A. Delle Donne
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Delle Donne & Associates, Inc (DDA) is a Delaware corporation that started building over 70 years ago by Eugene A. Delle Donne. Today, Ernest F. Delle Donne, Chairman, leads a creative team that takes pride in the quality of its product.

Partners of the firm have extensive experience in real estate development, economic development, financial structuring and real estate law. DDA stresses a team approach to ensure adherence to the highest standards of quality, efficiency and personal commitment in every project.

DDA is one of the largest developers in the State of Delaware and has been a leader in the growth and development of downtown Wilmington and surrounding New Castle County. The firm’s success is attributed to its established reputation in the region and extensive relations with City and County officials.

The firm prides itself on its insistence on quality development and its ability to produce innovative development programs in terms of architecture, construction and financial structure and asset management.

The corporate headquarters is located in the Christiana Executive Campus, in Newark, Delaware.

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Our Real Estate Development, Property Management and Financial Structuring offerings gives clients the best opportunity to thrive in whatever area they choose.


Founded by a home builder nearly 70 years ago, today Delle Donne & Associates is still family owned and continues to build homes for businesses of all types. Whether it’s a corporate headquarters, general office buildings, retail facilities, or apartment buildings, our housing gives individuals the opportunity to thrive in whatever area they choose.

Our real estate development activities generate economic development by specializing in structuring creative financial, leasing and construction packages for commercial firms.

DDA is functionally structured and philosophically managed to provide the most professional service available in planning and execution of real estate development and management strategies geared to helping clients achieve their specific business and financial objectives.

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In addition to development, Delle Donne & Associates is a full service asset management organization, which provides property management services for retail, office and industrial properties that are located throughout New Castle County.

As an affiliate to entities that own real estate, DDA is philosophically geared towards ownership management of real estate, maximizing income and protecting asset values. DDA’s objective is to meet the goals of the owner by paying careful attention to detail and understanding ownership circumstances which surround the various projects. We then try to custom tailor our approach to suit their circumstances.

DDA’s management objective is to maximize income through cost control, and maximize revenue through aggressive leasing, while being sensitive to long-term asset values as positive short-term strategic decisions can have negative, long-term consequences. DDA has a thorough working knowledge of the market and is able to provide an optimum balance to short and long term planning.

DDA has managed a real estate portfolio consisting of over 2,000,000 square feet occupied by approximately 200 different tenants. The company employs a full time staff of professionals who provide management, accounting, leasing, financing and construction services.

The company is supported by in-house management personnel whose responsibilities are to:

  • Competitively bid and award all contract services for the properties.
  • Oversee building and grounds maintenance through coordination of manpower and vendor services.
  • Oversee legal, insurance and code compliance.
  • Oversee vendor warranty compliance.
  • Provide timely and accurate financial and tax reporting.
  • DDA employs a team of maintenance personnel from chief engineers to porters.
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The financial structure of any given deal must address the cost of the physical plant, as well as the utility to the end user. Delle Donne & Associates has a track record of optimizing these two variables – tenant satisfaction and the cost of occupancy, to ensure our partners jointly benefit as well.

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