SevOne at Star Campus

SevOne at Star Campus

Newark, DE


Phase II is designed to house commercial, office and support retail for Phase I (University of Delaware’s College of Health Sciences). It is positioned to the south of Phase I and shares a “party wall”. Phase II will contain approximately 70,000 square feet of rentable space positioned on two levels. Areas of floor 1 will have 20-foot ceiling heights and area overlooked by floor 2. The front, or east, elevation of the building will have an arcade that provides weather-protected pedestrian circulation between the various users. As with Phase I, Phase II’s exterior will be a semi-reflective glazing with warm gray mullions to accentuate the building’s fenestration and a masonry envelope that is reminiscent of limestone with a granite base.
East and West entrances will connect the commercial, office and amenity spaces with Phase I. There will also be a main stair tower and elevator at the building’s lobby to provide access to the second floor suites.
The building will be supplied with ample parking, lit for safety, at its south and east sides. There are two hardscaped outdoor seating areas at the northeast and southwest corners, with beautifully landscaped perimeter boundaries.

  • Date : 10.01.2016